BFRP Ban List

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BFRP Ban List

Post by Seto ThugLife Kaiba on Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:18 pm

Dragon World.

Blue Sky Knights
Thunder Knights Critical maximum (So like if you can get a thunder knight to increase its critical more then 2 times no....)
Golcrash (1 cause fuck you I say so matt)
Jackknife Beistand (2 sorry marth but free dragon shields fuck no)
Ultimate Drum Future (2)
Fifth omni Drum (1)
(Awaken and Kaiser Banned)
Steel Ball Rindou Banned (Fuck you the card needs to die in a hole and no one is going to go and dig that hole)
Crazed Tenbu Banned
Size 3 Doble (3)

Dragon Knights
Dragon Knight Nakagure (2)
Kondou (1)
Jaen (2)

Sun Dragon
Bal limited to 6. (Not including impacts)
Great Sun Dragon Bal Dragon (1)
Bal and Jack Banned
Gai Link (2)
Dark Bal (1)

Dragonergy (2)
Song Of Burning March Banned.
Emblem of the omni lord is to be used Dragon World with drum only or Tenbu if your bad.
Blessing of the sun (3 you can only use it once per turn though so now you can shut your fucking mouth
Transportation Air Lane (1)
Sun in the darkness (2 for both DDW and DW)

Emperor Fang (2)
Bal Knucle (2)
Saber (2)

Giga Howling Crusher Banned
Execute - 2
Bal Smasher - 2
Bal Lariat - 1 but you can only use his effect when called during FP
Saucer and Combination - Banned.

All dragon force is limited to 2

Dual Cards
Balle soul banned in all forms.

New banlist cards:
Powdered Dragon Jr

Hero World

Tausend (1)
Dziem - Banned
Anson (hero world) - 2 (Hundred demons) - Banned

Ultimate D-wing - banned
Kaizer Lion (2)
Giga roid Gigantes - (1)

Dark Hero:
Shwarz (3)
Mukuro (2)

Military Frill (3)
Plitz (Counting him here and not making a mascot thing) (2)

Hyper Energy (2)
Be Glad that you can of use to me  (2)
Lend me your strength (1)

Zetta Gemclone - Banned.
Lyric Over - (1)

(From here on things get a little lazy)
Katana World

Runaway Female Ninja Yukishiro - banned (Only cause most spell nullify/destruction cost 2 gauge just not 1)
Sky ninja Yamigarasu - 1
Sniping ninja Yoichi - 1
Agent Ninja Mamiya - 2
Linzo (2)
Ghoul Deity (1)
Toranosuke (2)
Tsukikage Giant Shield - Banned if your deck is gauge maximum. (2) otherwise
Inverse omni lord - Banned

Hades Fall (2)
Poison Mist (2)

Skull Warrior Size 3 impact - Banned
Body Duplication - 2


Skull Warrior Drop Zone Turbo - Banned

Tsukikage, Byakura Turbo - Banned (Now if your deck can win without spamming tsukikage and byakura and going into impact ok but if your main focus is to spam size 1 tsuki and byaku and then impact call and then repeat yeah no get that shit out of here.

Slow Burn tactics - banned

Legend World

Loki - banned (I have more reasons then anti monster soulguard for this.)
Ice Blade Joker - 2
Non omni version of count dawn - 2
Merlin - 2
Night Witch Clear - 1
Leaon - 2
Orthrus - 2
Astrarios - 3
Bloody King - Banned
Cectus - Banned
Jorm - 1
Oberon - 3
Hallowed Arms - 1
Eskorpia - 1

Frozen Stars - 2

Star Dragon World

Variable Cord - 2
Aettir - 2 in both SDW, and Guardians
Ewigknight - 2
Great dragonarms the main force - 2

Danger world
Deity Lord Descend - Banned
Tyrants - Banned
Battle Spirit unite - 2
Dimensional demon slay slash - 2
Armor Cerberus A - 2
Goldric Jolt - 1
Infinite armor cradle - 2
Dangerous Reizi - 1
Hazard Dragon Emperor Gaedal - 1
Synthetic Black Dragon Bahamut Death Tallica - Banned both worlds

Magic World
Bestie - 2
Judge asmodai - 2
Inverse asmodai 1

Dungeon world
Tetsuya - 2
Lone Remote - 2
Gaito - 2
El Quix Impact - 2
Reset Button - 2
Sophia - Can only search mission, and star spells.

Ancient World
Dragon Chief - Banned
Perfect Martial Artist Duel Sieger Deity Eclipse - Banned

D-Dragon world
Purgatory Knights - Banned
Shadow Dive - Banned
Judgment Day - 2
Death Tallica - Banned
Black Drain - 2"
Unlimited Death Drain - 2

Zwei Banned
3 Yamigedo's including impact monster

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Re: BFRP Ban List

Post by Buddyfight Champion Luke on Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:40 pm

Hot Flame Aura
Every Dragon World Dragon Force Okay Maybe Not Burning Dragon Force
Great Sun Dragon Bal Dragon
2x Sun Dragon Shield
Sun Fist Bal Knuckle
Sun Fist Bal Knuckle Charge
Champion Sun The Great
1x Avalon Benedict Ray (For Dragon World)

Danger World
Deep Quiqong Of the Hungry Wolf
Origin Fighting Dragon, Demongodol
Duel Law
All Cards with the [Tyrant] Attribute
3x Hundred Demons Sorcery Ten Thousand Blast

Hero World
2x Resupply! Battle Poets Launch!

Dungeon World
1x Professional Battler Ardhart
Deity Age Envoy
3x Handful of Rewards
2x Full Strush Formation

Ancient World
3x Rise and Fall of Dragons


Cards though Unofficial, will be a part of my personal ban list

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Re: BFRP Ban List

Post by WE MUST SAVE MY CHILDREN on Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:08 am

Boo lots of bad bans for me Dx.

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Re: BFRP Ban List

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