Marth's Charecters

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Marth's Charecters

Post by Buddyfight Champion Luke on Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:06 pm

Name: Luke


Last Stand -
[Cost] Destroy One or more items on your field
[Counter][Act] Gain 1 Life for each item destroyed.

Duel Dragon

Deck Chant: (Season 2)
"Knights who stand for adventure! We'll become a symbol of hope! Luminize! Glorious Rebellion"

"Fighting for the Glory! Never giving up! Luminize! Dangerous Fighting Style"

Luke was raised by his single mother since his father died when he was young. The only thing he feels makes him close to him is when he fights, using his father's martial arts. During his first week of learning buddyfight, his class went to a field trip where they went to the mountains where, he noticed something.. different. When he went to investigate he awoke the ancient Omni Lord, Grangadez from his slumber. Since then, Grangadez has his been his buddy and his first deck revolved around the Past, present, and future version of the Duel Dragon Deity. Like all Omni  Lords, they have a different identity in other worlds. So he's been trying out Dungeon World where Rebellious is his buddy. Not one to say "Street Smarts" but he does have school smarts. He was never able to adapt to the ability chains, as such he doesn't like using them. Conquering the school tournament, and the New Worlds Tournament he's risen to the top reaching first place both times.

Buddyfight Champion Luke

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